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All Points Surveys is a land surveying firm located in Brisbane and servicing South East Queensland. Since our establishment in 2005, we have provided quality surveying services to our valued clients. Our core business leading up to late 2018 had been focused on construction and engineering surveying. We have worked and continue to work with some of Australia’s largest builders and provide pre-site surveying as well as building set outs.

In late 2018, All Points Surveys expanded our surveying services to include boundary, development and design surveying as a consulting surveying firm. We are committed to delivering surveying services that improves the outcome for our clients, their objectives and projects. Now with the capabilities to offer a full range of surveying services, our sights are on continually improving and honing our dedicated services. Our new service lines have been developed and systemised by Andrew Corfield and Mandy Compton, collectively with over 50 years of experience in the surveying profession.

We are not just surveyors.

Behind everything we do, we seek to understand the true purpose and need for our service. We seek to understand our clients plans, objectives and goals, because that matters to us.  

At All Points Surveys, we strive to deliver a better surveying services that improves outcomes for clients, projects and the surveying profession. We are dedicated to delivering a surveying service like no other and do so by operating in a way that embodies our fundamental principles.



We are committed to excellence in everything we do.

For us, it’s not just about showing up.  

We are driven to deliver an excellent service and continually raise our own bar on the things that matter the most. Excellence is continually adding value for our clients throughout the lifetime of every surveying project. 

Continual Improvement

We are committed to continually improving our surveying service.

Through a passion to improve, we innovate, create, question, but more importantly we learn. We learn from our shortcomings, to not only grow and expand, but to improve as a business, as a team and as a surveying firm committed to excellence. 


We are committed to communication.

By communicating effectively, we foster and build great relationships with clients. We are not afraid of providing transparent communication to keep our clients informed every step of the way.  


We are committed to consistently delivering.

It is through consistency that excellence, continual improvement and communication are so powerful. It is our proven ability to consistently deliver that makes our surveying service an asset to our clients.  

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Our business objective is to continually push the boundaries in surveying and to deliver excellent surveying services to Brisbane and the South East Queensland region. We are committed to excellence, continual improvement, communication and consistently delivering and we know that by doing so, we will become an asset for our clients, designers, architects, engineer, builders and developers.  



We'd love to work with you on your next project, so tell us about it via the contact form and we'll be in touch.